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My name is Roger Scott and I’m a retired hedge fund manager and expert trader with over 2 decades of experience in financial markets.

I’ve profited on everything from stocks and commodities to options and forex.

Between 1999 and 2009 I generated multi-million dollar returns for banks, financial institutions and ultra-wealthy clients.

I created the Alliance Trader program to help the retail trader generate aggressive returns, consistent income and ultra-low risk per trade.

You won’t have to learn complex math formulas or confusing trading tactics.

You definitely won’t take on massive risk or trade highly speculative trading strategies that have no statistical edge.

Alliance Trader gives you an easy to follow bi-weekly ETF and Options alerts when the major market sectors temporarily fall out of balance with the rest of the stock market.

Giving you opportunity for massive profits and limited risk...the kind that can help you take your account growth to a whole new level.

To Crack The Secret Code Of Wall Street…You First Need To Understand The Economic Cycle!

You’re looking at the major economic cycle.

It represents the natural fluctuation of the economy between periods of growth and contraction or recession.

Federal reports such quarterly GDP, interest rates, employment data and consumer spending can help determine the current stage of the economic cycle.

Historically, the typical cycle lasts only 4 years, but there have been times when economic cycle can take as many as 8 to 10 years to complete.

To a large degree the economic cycle has the biggest influence on the U.S. stock market.

It’s usually simple for investors to identify if the economic cycle is in early stage of expansion or in late stage of contraction, what’s difficult is to figure out the other three stages.

We can pinpoint the current economic stage of the cycle with the help of sector analysis.

Every Stage Of The Economic Cycle Favors

Different Stock Market Sectors!

These 10 major sectors represent the U.S. economy….every sector favors different part of the economic cycle.

Some sectors respond best in the early expansion cycle while others respond best in late contraction.

Let’s take a deeper look into sector analysis…

Between October 2007 And June Of 2008…
The Economy Was In Early Stage Of Contraction

Growth stocks were no longer being aggressively accumulated by institutional investors.

Volatility levels were rising sharply…there was fear in the markets sentiment that investors haven’t seen in years!

During this time period, the SP 500 was down almost 19%.

While the Information Technology index was down almost 30%.

Now take a look at the utilities sector….it was actually up 1.98% while the overall market lost almost 20% of its value.

If you held utility stocks, you would have survived the sharp correction with a small profit!

This is really eye opening…especially if you consider that the SP 500 was down 18.98% during the same period of time.

Between July 2008 and March 2009...Economy

Was In Late Stage Of Contraction

The decline in the SP 500 was over 40% and that’s in only 8 months of time, which is brutal.

The most interesting part of this study is the performance out of the consumer staples sector.

It lost only 21.55%, which tells us that consumer stocks held up twice as well as the major index and almost 2.5 times better than industrial sector…all during the exact same period of time.

Between April 2009 and April 2011 Economy 
Was In An Early Stage Of Expansion

This is the time when institutional traders are throwing money back into the market after a sharp correction and sentiment is extremely bullish for both retail investors and hedge funds.

The broader SP 500 index gained an eye opening 67.12% gain, but information technology gained 103.18%, in only 2 years.

And utilities didn’t do all that bad, but at 43.47% return, they under-performed the information technology sector by over 100%...which is huge!

Remember, it’s not always the system or the method that you use…it’s sometimes a simple matter of knowing the current stage of the economic cycle.

We Target Economic Cycle With Sector ETFs

The best way to trade the different stages of the economic cycle is with U.S. sector ETFs.

Sector ETFs combine the most liquid and best performing stocks in each of the main U.S. sector groups, into one simple to trade asset.

You get an opportunity to target individual sectors of the economy, without having to buy several stocks in each separate industry group.

These are the top 10 U.S. Sector ETFs….they make it possible to laser target your exposure and reduce your risk on every trade you take.

Each of these ETFs offers highly liquid Options…so whether you trade ETFs or Options, you get the chance to target every stage of the economic cycle with precision and accuracy.

Every Major U.S. Sector Favors Different Market Cycle

Some sectors rise during bull markets...other sectors decline during bear markets.

It’s important to know which sector reacts best during different market environments.

These sectors thrive during bullish the market cycle:

Speculative sentiment increases as economy improves while investors feel secure about current financial stability.

This is the time when consumer spending increases substantially.

These sectors thrive during sideways market cycle:

Stocks usually trade sideways during times of uncertainty….it’s a cycle that dominates the stock market over 75% of the time!

Institutional traders become increasingly defensive…and interest rates start edging higher.

These sectors that thrive during bearish market cycles:

Sectors that cater to people’s needs instead of wants usually perform well during bearish market cycles.

Regardless of how bad the economy gets…the companies that make up these sectors will remain in business and some will continue to thrive.

When You Align the Right Sector With The Right Market Cycle…Life Become Easier!

Your winners will become bigger and your losers will be smaller.

The percentage of profitable or winning trades will improve as well.

This happens for one simple reason…you’re following the markets natural rhythm, you’re no longer fighting it!

Match the current market cycle to the right sector ETFs and you get gains like this…

What you’re seeing is combined position of three sector ETF options, the position gained 180.7%

We purchased all three of the options that make up this trade for $9877 and we closed it out for $27,723.

That’s a profit of $17,846.

The most impressive part about all of this is the fact that the entire position was not held for 2 years or 2 months, but only for 2 weeks.

If you invested just $1,000 into this trade, you’d have earned $1870 during this 2 week period.

If you invested $10,000 you would come out with a profit of $18,700 all in just a few weeks.

Here’s another issued Options ETF positionthis particular options cluster gained 174.5% in only 2 weeks!

We started with only $9843 dollars and in two weeks the options were worth $27,017.

That’s a gain of $17,174 in only 2 short weeks.

If you invested just $1,000 dollars into this limited risk trade cluster, you would end up with $1745 in profit.

And if you invested $10,000 instead… you’d gain a total of $17,450!

Many investors are happy with 15% per year…this is over 174% in only 14 days!

The Chain Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link!

To generate massive triple digit gains…all the pieces have to come together.

You need to match the current market cycle to the right sector.

And finally…you need the right methodology!

If one part is missing – it’s like swimming upstream!

Your gains will be smaller and your losers will spike.

And…your percentage of profitability will drop off.

Ultimately, you end up staying in the trade much longer than 2 weeks with very little upside!

You Have To Select The Right Trading Methodology


Earlier, I showed you this mathematical formula and promised to teach you what it means.

I recognize that many of you don’t have degrees in mathematics, statistics or engineering…so I’m going to make it really, really easy!

You’re looking at an image of a herd of cows standing around.

Wondering what a herd of cows has to do with breaking the code to the stock markets?

The formula I showed you is the actual math formula for Reversion to the Mean.

Vanguard's John Bogle calls reversion to the mean...

"The Iron Rule Of The Financial Markets”

Jason Zweig from the Wall Street Journal says...

“Reversion to the mean is the most powerful law in financial markets”

Stripping away the complex math…the formula simply tells us that price deviates from the average for a limited period of time before moving back inline to the average once again.

It works exactly like a herd of cows.

One or two cows will fall out of line…but ultimately they all end up in a herd!

That’s exactly how reversion to the mean works.

You have 10 major sectors that break up the stock market.

Most of the time all sectors follow each other…but at times a few will fall out of line with the others.

This creates high probability trading opportunities for savvy traders on the hunt for massive price moves!

Why Does Reversion To The Mean Work?

This is the cycle of predominant factors that drive financial markets.

It’s a continuous process of major U.S. stock sectors falling out of alignment and then becoming balanced once again.

The first factor to disintegrate or imbalance the overall stock market is global economy.

Nothing comes close to influencing the U.S. stock market like global markets!

Whether it’s China, Greece or North Korea…anytime global markets flare up, it causes major imbalance to the 10 major U.S. stock market sectors.

The next major economic factor that fragments or distorts the various sectors of the economy is U.S. FED data.

Major economic reports like FOMC Interest rate announcements or quarterly GDP increase volatility and cause markets to become disintegrated…at least temporarily.

And lastly, we have corporate earnings.

Volatility substantially increases during quarterly earnings, which is the final major catalyst for distorting the 10 major U.S. market sectors.

Let’s talk about the factors that bring the stock market back into balance once again.

Financial markets are controlled by institutional traders.

Over 95% of all price action is triggered by large institutional traders, mutual funds and hedge funds.

Multi-billion dollar funds can measure short term market inefficiencies down to a fraction of a cent in real time….and can rapidly create just enough buying or selling pressure to eliminate them fairly quickly.

Another way to bring balance to the overall market is with institutional buy and sell programs.

The major concern for large institutional traders is risk and the key to trading extremely large positions is balance.

A large hedge fund can’t risk being exposed to 10 million shares of one stock without any type of hedge or protection in the same industry to dilute such risk.

Regardless of what happens in the markets… the fund must be secure against adverse price movement.

Institutional traders create position clusters that are made of several stocks, bonds and ETFs to protect or hedge against unforeseen risk and adverse price movement.

Computers that target these clusters know exactly how many shares to buy and sell.

It’s a hunt for out of balanced positions…every minute of every trading day!

Reversion To The Mean And U.S. Sector ETFs

We don’t care about trading patterns or whether the ETF is breaking out or pulling back.

My only concern is whether the ETF moves out of line and how far.

The deviation can be leading which means the ETF is much stronger than the others and needs to slow down.

The deviation can also be lagging which means that the ETF is falling behind all others and needs to catch up.

Leading Reversion To The Mean

In this example, you can see 3 different ETFs during the last 3 months of 2016.

In November of 2016 both ETF A and ETF B gained somewhere between 2 and 3% percent.

ETF C on the other hand gained well over 9%...substantially more than ETF A or ETF B.

Now take a look at December of 2016.

ETF A and ETF B gained between 7.8% and 8.2% each.

But ETF C...our big gainer in November only managed to gain about 2.2%.

It only took one month for all 3 ETFs to move in line with each other and create balance once again.

We call this leading reversion because the reversion was originally caused by one sector leading ahead of the others.

Lagging Reversion To The Mean

In this example, you can see 3 different ETFs during the first two months of 2017.

In Jan of 2017, ETF C only gained about 2.3% while ETF A and ETF B gained between 9.6% and 9.9%.

In February of 2017, we saw a complete reversal.

Both ETF A and ETF B gained only 2% and 2.2% but ETF C on the other hand gained 8.2%.

It’s never going to be a 100% reversion…but you’ll see balance restored by as much as 85% to 90% very quickly.

We call this lagging reversion because originally ETF C lagged behind ETF A and ETF B and then caught up.

Energy Sector Leads Before Returning To Fair Value

Between November 1 and the end of 2016 both the technology sector and the consumer discretionary sector gained between 1% and 2%

The energy sector gained a whopping 6.67%...and let the other two sectors by a wide margin.

Take a look at the same sectors during the following 3 months…

Both technology and consumer discretionary stocks gained between 8% and 10%...more than made up for their weakness during the end of 2016.

The energy sector ended up being the biggest loser….giving up more than it gained in the last part of 2006.

Institutional traders knew that tech was out of balance with the other sectors.

Over the next few months funds began buying shares of technology and consumer stocks and unloading energy shares…till reversion was reached.

Utilities Sector Lags Before Returning To Fair Value

Between April 2017 and end of June of 2017, both financial and industrial sectors began rising, gaining almost 5%.

During the same time period utilities not only failed to gain value but declined over 1%.

Between July 1, 2017 and the end of August 2017…everything around!

Financial and industrial sectors lost more than 1% each.

Utilities ended up gained almost 5%.

Utilities caught up to both the financials and industrial stocks and all 3 sectors became balanced once again.

U.S. Sector ETFs And Reversion To The Mean

On February 15, 2017 the industrial sector showed strong lagging deviation from all others.

The Industrial sector ETF shares was purchased at $63.50 and held for just 2 weeks.

On March 1st the position was liquidated at $67.08…all for a 5.64% gain in only 15 days.

Keep in mind, you can easily make big profits from downside corrections.

In early January of 2016, the energy sector was leading strongly ahead of all others.

It was ready for a minor correction!

On January 4, 2016, we issued a short trade in the Energy sector ETF at $59.38.

On January 19, just 15 days later, the issued ETF trade was closed out at $52.47.

The gain on the trade was 11.64%… in less than 2 weeks.

Some traders expect over 11% return from the stock market in several months…but reversion to the mean gave us 11.64% gain in only 15 days.

Turbo Charge Profits And Lower Risk Per Trade!

Earlier, I explained that institutional traders never buy or sell just one ETF or Option.

They create balanced positions clusters.

The position cluster includes ETFs or Options that are engineered to work together.

You must take into account 3 factors when creating position clusters:

  • Correlation - Avoid related positions to avoid increased risk.
  • Balance Each ETF or option must be balanced with all others.
  • VolatilityAdjust allocation based on individual ETF or option trading range.

When you put together a perfectly tuned position cluster with reversion to the mean formula and sector analysis… you get potential for explosive gains!

252.3% Gain in 2 weeks!

This cluster was started with only $9606 and in only 2 weeks we closed out the position at $33,844.

That’s a gain of $24,238.

If you invested only $1000 into the same cluster, you would turn it into $2523.

Or…if you invested $2,000 into this cluster, you would turn it into $5046 in a matter of days…those are pretty staggering gains!

Sector ETF Options Take Your Profits
To A Whole New Level!

The real explosive gains come from Options clusters.

You buy call and put Options instead of the actual ETF.

Your risk is always limited to the premium you paid for the Option.

Compare performance between sector ETFs and Options clusters.

This cluster was able to generate 6.1% during the 2 week time period.

The cluster was initiated on September 15, 2011 and contained 4 different Options.

The entire position was held 2 weeks and was closed out September 30, 2011…just 2 weeks later.

This is the exact same position…but limited risk Options were purchased instead of the ETFs.

This cluster was started with $9,853 on September 15, 2011.

At the end of the 2 week period, the cluster was now worth $30,514.

That’s a total return of $20,661…a massive return of 209.7%.

While the underlying ETF cluster only made 6.1%...all in only 2 weeks.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to invest $9853 into this position cluster.

If you’d invested just $1000 into the exact same position cluster, you would end up with a profit of $2097 in only 14 days!

Here’s another comparison between the ETF position cluster and the Options position cluster.

This particular trade cluster signal fired off on August 17, 2015.

The position was concentrated in 3 separate and distinct ETFs.

The trade was closed 2 weeks later on September 2, 2015 with a 3.5% gain.

A return of 3.5% in 2 weeks is a great way to profit!

If you apply proper position sizing strategy… it could turn into a fortune.

Now let’s take a look at the Options cluster.

The only difference is the use of limited risk call and put options instead of the underlying ETFs.

The position cluster was  $9,671.

When the trade was closed it was worth $27,912.

That’s a gain of 188.60% in 2 weeks.

While the underlying ETF cluster made 3.5% in the same time period.

And keep in mind, you don’t have to start with $9671.

If you started with only $1000 you would end up with $1886 in only 2 weeks!

Or…if you started with just $2,000 the profit would be $3772…in the same 2 week period of time.

We Can Help You Level The Playing Field

Sector analysis and reversion to the mean remains one of the driving forces of financial markets.

The exact same “heavy duty” trading principles have been adopted by mutual funds and hedge funds to squeeze billion of dollars out of the markets.

Unfortunately, very few retail investors or traders have the institutional trading experience to put together position clusters with complex math formulas and statistics.

Not without years of hit or miss efforts that can end up costing you a small fortune if you don’t get it right!

Realistically, you’ll need deep understanding of complex trade analysis, strategy development and complete understanding of implied volatility and options delta.

It may take you months or possibly years to correctly know how to combine sector analysis and reversion to the mean.

In the worst case, you may never experience the full power of Option clusters and miss out on trades with triple digit profit potential…or even more!

To save you countless hours of research, stress and financial trial and error, I created an ALL NEW U.S. Sector ETF and Options Advisory Alert Program.

The Alliance Trader Program

The Alliance Trader program is our most flexible advisory/alert program.

You can trade either sector ETFs or you can trade limited risk directional call and put Options.

Whether you trade Options or ETFs…all position clusters are held only 2 weeks.

If you began trading the Alliance trader program with straight ETF’s in January of 2010, your account could have generated over 2,389.56% in less than 8 years.

That means if you started with only $10,000 by now your account would have grown to over $238,956 in less than 8 years.

If you’re an Options trader on the other and want truly explosive gains, you’re looking at triple digit returns like this one that returned over 252.3% in only 2 weeks!

The cluster was started with only $9,606 in options value.

In only 2 weeks, the cluster became worth $33,844.

That’s a massive gain!

If you started the cluster with only $1,000 you could be looking at $2523 in profit in only 2 weeks.

The potential for massive gains is truly amazing with both ETF and options clusters, either way you go.

We Do All The Heavy Lifting

I don’t expect you to become familiar with advanced math formulas or statistical theories.

You have more important things to do.

My computers work around the clock to find major ETFs and Options that are out of balance.

I'm always hunting for reversion to the mean opportunities around the clock.

I create position clusters using a combination of correlation, volatility and position balance.

If you trade Options clusters instead of ETFs…we select options that give you potential for explosive triple digit gains.

Finally, we monitor and adjust the position every two weeks to make sure we’re always in line with the current market action, regardless if bulls or bears are in control.

Alliance Trader ETF Model

If you’re looking for steady investment style gains with strong potential to outperform the stock market, the Alliance Trader was made for you!

You get opportunity to profit from both the long side and the short side of the market without taking big risk per trade.

Whether bulls are in control or bears are pushing prices lower…you get solid performance and consistency over time.

Let’s take a look at the historic performance data from 2010 to 2017.

The program started with $10,000 in January of 2010 and gained a cumulative return of $238,956.68.

The total profit factor tells you how much you earn for every dollar risk...anything higher than 2 is good and 3 is excellent.

The Alliance Trader has a profit factor of 5.29…which clearly tells us that the strategy has potential for massive gains over time.

The next major metric is the percentage of winning trades.

Historically, over 78% of all trades were closed out at a profit, which shows the power of combining reversion to the mean with major U.S. sector ETFs.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to start with $10,000.

If you started with only $1,000, your account would be worth over $23,965.

Or…if you started with $5,000 instead, your account would be worth over $119,280.

That’s over 23x return on your money in less than 8 years!

That’s a 51.33% average annual return…while the SP 500 gained only 10.2% during the same period of time!

Alliance Trader Gives You Potential For Explosive Options Gains!

If you’re looking for aggressive Options gains…the Alliance Trader will not disappoint.

Every time you get an issued trade alert signal…you get both the underlying ETF and Options allocation.

Target reversion to the mean opportunities with highly leveraged, limited risk call and put options.

You get potential for triple digit gains with trades lasting only 2 weeks!

Take a look at the actual issued trade cluster that held a total of 4 individual Options.

This position cluster was long 3 calls and 1 puts.

If the market turned bearish the put would gain significant value and offset some of the risk.

A total of $9,504 was invested into this cluster.

Two weeks later the cluster was worth $27,272 dollars and the total gain on all 4 options combined was $17,768.

That’s a 187% gain and in only 2 weeks!

If you invested only $1,000 into this position cluster, it would turn into $1870 in only 2 weeks!

Let’s take a look at another issued position cluster alert.

A total of $9818 was invested into this cluster and in the end of the 2 week period the cluster was now worth 32,276.

That’s an impressive gain of 228.7%.

Keep in mind, because you’re in the position for only 2 weeks, the options don’t get to decline much in value.

You don’t have to invest $9,000 or $10,000 into each options cluster.

If you invested a mere $1000 you’re cluster would be worth $2287 dollars in only 2 weeks.

You don’t have to trade big sized positions when you’re trading options…the profit potential is massive and the risk is limited to your investment.

The Average Options Cluster Gained 59.03%
In Only 2 Weeks…Over Entire Time Period!

This is the cumulative performance summary for each of the options clusters.

The percentage of profitability is 73.33% which is extremely high.

What’s most impressive, however is the size of the average winning trade cluster, in comparison to the average loss.

The average gain over a total of several hundred issued trades, is 59.03%...and all positions were held only 2 weeks.

What’s truly impressive is the size of the average loss…it’s only about 20%, which is about 3x smaller than the average gain.

Keep in mind, this capsule represents close to 8 years and includes well over 500 issued trades.

Big Gains When Markets Turn Bearish!

Don't forget, Alliance Trader gives you the opportunity to profit when the market turns bearish.

The SP 500 has been bullish for years and can turn on a dime.

Alliance trader gives you the big profit opportunity when bear market strikes.

This position cluster is made up of 3 separate ETF options.

This position cluster held 2 put Options...which increase in value during a bear market swings.

The cluster gained 94.9% in only 2 weeks and all the gains came from 2 of the puts that made up the cluster.

The cluster was started with $9,919 dollars and ended just 2 weeks later with $19,331.

That’s a total gain of $9412 in a very short period of time and that’s the types of profit opportunities you get with the Alliance Trader Program.

And remember, you don’t have to invest $9919 into each cluster. If you’d invested just $1,000, you would end up with $1949 in only 2 weeks.

This issued position cluster held all 3 put Options…while the market was turning bearish.

A total of $9,962 was invested into the cluster.

Just 2 short weeks later all 3 options that made up the cluster exploded in value!

The cluster was now worth $21,645.

That’s an impressive gain of 117.3% in a very short period of time.

If you’d invest just $1,000 into this options position cluster, you would end up with $2017.30…all in just 2 weeks.

Take All Guesswork Out Of The Equation!

I don’t expect you to sit in front of a computer figuring out math formulas.

We tell you what to buy and what to sell… and exactly what portion of your equity goes into each cluster.

Whether you trade the ETFs or the options clusters, there’s nothing for you to do except place the trades.

You get specific entry and exit instructions delivered to you at the same time every two weeks.

All you do is liquidate the existing position cluster and initiate the new position cluster, it’s that easy.

You Don’t Need A Large Account To Profit
From Alliance Trader Program

If you placed money with a hedge fund, you’d have to invest at least $250,000…and that’s the minimum.

With Alliance Trader you can start with a small account and build it up from there.

You can turn to ETF position clusters for long term capital growth.

Every $5,000 would turn into $119,478.

If you started with $10,000 instead…it would now be worth $238,956.

A $20,000 investment would grow to almost half a million dollars…all in less than 8 years.

We Hunt For Massive Options Profits 
 In Both Bull And
Bear Markets!

If you trade Options…then the gains are truly world class…you get potential to profit in both bull and bear market.

The Alliance Trader hunts for massive options opportunities!

Take a look at these explosive triple digit gains.

Each and every one of these positions was held only 2 short weeks.

Can you imagine massive gains like 252.3%, 239.5%, 228.7%, 209.7%, 188.6%, 180.7%...all in only 2 short weeks!

Your risk is always limited to the cost of the option…there’s no margin or leverage.

Access Historic Issued Options Clusters Inside Your Private Members Portal

As a member, you get to see every historic ETF and options position cluster inside your private members portal.

Everything is there…including the option, strike price, expiration, entry and exit.

The spreadsheet is updated every two weeks with the newest issued trade alert.

See all past issued trade alerts going back to January of 2010.

Complete Program For Explosive Profit Opportunities!

There’s no need to analyze market action or read earnings reports.

We do the heavy lifting and spoon-feed you every trade.

Alliance Private Members Portal - You get 24/7 access to your personal members portal.

Check the latest issued trade alerts or read the daily updated analysis online.

Get instant access to up to the minute issued position tracker.

View the getting started videos or read the daily updates inside your secure member portal.

Alliance Trader Getting Started Videos – Provides clear overview of the Alliance Trader methodology.

Concise videos to help you gain the most value out of the Alliance Trader program.

Includes answers to commonly asked questions.

Actionable Trade Alerts – I will send you a detailed email and SMS text alert to your phone every time it’s time to take action.

Clear instructions give all details needed to place the trade…there’s no guesswork.

There’s no ambiguity, subjective decision making or multiple choices…you get clear, concise instructions that tell you exactly what to buy and what to sell right away.

There’s no ambiguity, subjective decision making or multiple choices…you get clear, concise instructions that tell you exactly what to buy and what to sell right away.

Daily Position Updates – Detailed update on all open positions are posted Sunday through Thursday.

Find the current open position cluster quickly and easily…without wasting valuable time.

Portfolio Tracker –Your member’s portal provides portfolio tracking spreadsheet for both the ETFs and Options cluster.

See details of every trade issued since program began and track open position clusters.

Download pre-configured sample spreadsheet…keep track of your closed trades and open positions.

Daily Coaching – Exclusive access to premium coaching and analysis reports, updated Sunday through Thursday.

Concise, step by step market analysis that will help you become a better trader.

Learn how to make sense of day to day market action using relative strength, market internals tactics and volatility levels.

E-mail Support - If you have any questions about the Alliance Trader Program, simply send us an email for priority support.

Full-time support staff available 7 days per week, ready to answer all question.

Bonus - Maximize Options Profits And Minimize Risk

I created the Maximize Options Profit video series to help you become a better trader.

These concise options trading videos will get you up to speed in no time at all.

You’ll learn essential Options tactics that will give you an edge in bull and bear markets.

Powerful Video Tutorials That Will Teach You
Step By Step:

How to maximize your options profits in bull markets.

How to profit during bearish market conditions.

How implied volatility and delta impacts value.

How to trade in flat market conditions.

How to profit from Options spreads.

I believe you’ll agree…the Maximize Options Profits video series is truly powerful and can help you take your Options trading to a whole new level!

This premium video series is valued at $400….it’s yours as a BONUS when you enroll in the Alliance Trader Program!

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Large Profits

The rotations make it super simple to enter and exit the trade without having to sit and watch market action all morning and afternoon.

Most impressive are the large profits and lack of big losers. I look forward making Alliance Trader a bigger part of my overall portfolio”

Keep up the good work!

Morgan M.

Triple Digit Winners

I’ve seen both double and triple digit winners over the past year and I’m convinced that Alliance will continue to delivers solid returns!

Thanks again for such a great program….looking forward to more triple digit runs!

Thank you.

Kenneth S.

Winner Gained Over 45%

After placing seven trades, I made profit on six….my average winner gained over 45%.

I can’t believe I never paid attention to the relationship that exists between the economic cycle and sector ETFs.

Good job!

Roy M.

Up Over 65%

The issued alerts are easy to follow and I’m up over 65% on several of the options trades.

The Alliance strategy is a winner and makes perfect sense….please keep up the good work.


John K.

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Don't Miss Your Chance To Partner Up With Me...Enroll In the Alliance Trader Program Today!

 24 Months Enrollment

Click the button below to get instant access to Alliance Trader Program for a single payment of only $1997...you save over $6497 today!

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Don't Miss Your Chance To Partner Up With Me...Enroll In the Alliance Trader Program Today!

 24 Months Enrollment

Click the button below to get instant access to Alliance Trader Program for a single payment of only $1997...you save over $6497 today!

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